What To Expect

  • The remodeling process is a unique experience that has to be lived through to truly understand. Your remodeling experience will also have a roller coaster effect on your emotions. Some of the stages of the remodel will be easier for you to handle than others. You will feel a full array of emotions. Everything from the exhilaration of knowing you are finally going to get your dream kitchen or additional living space to agonizing over why in the world you would intentionally bring all this turmoil into your daily life.
  • Remember that the remodel process is finite! IT WILL END and you WILL be happy that you had the work done.
  • Your home is normally your last stable retreat. When there is stress at work, or long lines at the grocery store, your home is where you relax and unwind. However, during a remodel that may be a little hard to do. Find other activities that take you away from the home as much as possible.

Making It Fun

Below is a list of activities you might consider to help ease the tension during your remodeling experience. We’d love you hear YOUR suggestions of other activities we can add to this list.

  • Start a photo album.
  • Make sure to get “before” pictures.
  • Join an exercise club.
  • Have a “demolition party” with your kids and/or friends.
  • Ask if there is an area of work that you or your children can get involved in that won’t interfere with the workers efforts. Hopefully something without power tools. (Children love to pick up nails.)
  • Ask if you and/or your kids can use the walls as a “canvas” before the drywall is removed.
  • Never turn down an invitation for dinner.
  • Accept any invitation to spend a night at a friend or relative’s house or cabin.
  • If you work out of the house, schedule meetings at a different location.
  • Plan a “catered “dinner in your old kitchen space after the cabinets are removed and again after the new drywall is installed. Note: The caterer can be a neighbor.
  • If concrete slab work is involved, ask when is the best time for you to put your handprints and/or names in the fresh “mud”.
  • Put a time capsule in the wall before the drywall is installed.
  • Take frequent walks.
  • Go camping on the weekends.
  • Take your kids to the park for lunch.
  • If you are a “clean freak”, let it go.
  • Decorate the scaffolding with Christmas lights.
  • Start that bestseller “Gourmet Meals from the Microwave” or “Tips on Mooching from Your Neighbors and Friends”.